Global Education

Teacher resources to encourage a global
perspective across the curriculum

Educating girls in Afghanistan opens up new opportunities and understandings. Photo by Hans Stakelbeek/FMAX

Social justice and human rights

Global education promotes understanding of social justice and human rights and the contribution they make to peace building and conflict resolution.

A woman carries heavy buckets of water for washing to her home in Sekong, Laos. Photo by Jim Holmes for AusAID

Sustainable futures

Global education promotes understanding of sustainable futures and the importance of developing skills of critical and creative thinking and ethical understanding.

Boys enjoying walking on stilts in Solomon Islands. Photo by Rob Maccoll for AusAID

Identity and cultural diversity

Global education promotes understanding of identity and cultural diversity and its importance in developing intercultural understanding and personal and social capability.

In older areas of Mumbai, India, homes have one room for living and sleeping, a cooking area and shared toilet. Photo by Happy Sleepy / Flickr

Interdependence and globalisation

Global education promotes understanding of our interdependence and the importance of working for a just future in which all people have access to their basic needs sustainably.

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