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Map for Laos
  • Improving teacher skills assists students to learn better at Na Thong school in Laos.
  • The ‘iron buffalo’ or walking tractor is used to prepare a paddy field for rice seedlings near Sekong, Laos.
  • In Laos, Tao Kim experiences his right to education through having a teacher from his own cultural background.
  • A woman spends all day bent over and standing in water to plant rice seedlings in a paddy field in Laos.
  • Newly planted paddy rice seedlings in a field near Sekong, Laos.
  • Boys are playing petanque at a mountainous village school in Laos.
  • Thongkat lost his leg in an unexploded ordnance accident in Pakse, Lao. He now has a prosthetic leg.
  • Unhusked rice and another crop are drying in the sun in a village near Sekong, Laos.
  • People bathe and do their laundry on the banks of the Sekong River in southern Laos before it joins the Mekong River.
  • In rural villages in Laos, houses are built with walls of woven bamboo and have a grass thatched roof.
  • Apartments built above shops in Vientiane, Laos
  • Apartments in Phnom Penh, Laos are built above a garage. They have electricity, running water and sewerage.
  • A woman carries heavy buckets of water from a standpipe to her home near Sekong, Laos.
  • A girl waters her family vegetable plot, helping to produce a healthy crop and vital nutrition in Sekong, Laos.

Case studies


Newly planted paddy rice seedlings in a field near Sekong, Laos.
Traditional rice production is backbreaking work and often has low yields.
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