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A 'Silent Tsunami'

The A 'Silent Tsunami': Global Food Security in the 21st Century (2008) booklet investigates the issue of food security, equity and sustainability. Freedom from hunger is a fundamental right but, despite many international commitments, many people still miss out for environmental, economic, political or social reasons.
Chapters are:

  • Global food security – what is the issue?
  • How is the world fed?
  • What is the impact of rising food prices on people?
  • How do changes in world population impact on food security?
  • What is the impact of changing energy resources on global food security?
  • How will climate change affect food security?
  • Case study: food security in Asia and the Pacific
  • Case study: food security in Africa
  • What action can be taken to improve food security?

Download your copy here or contact the One World Centre for printed copy.

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