Global Education

Teacher resources to encourage a global
perspective across the curriculum

Sharing space guidelines


Contributions are moderated and unsuitable content will not be included.

Content should demonstrate developing awareness of a global issue or issues and/or learning about global citizenship, and provide links to the Australian Curriculum.

The permission form asks for your full name and email address, but these details will not be included on the Global Education website unless you specifically ask. Anonymous contributions, commercial material or content which does not have a clear global education perspective will not be included.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting a link to make their own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information contained in the content. Please make sure you read the Terms and conditions.  

Photos and films

Any photographs or films terms and conditions apply and should: 

  • present people in a respectful manner 
  • have permission for use from the photographer
  • have permission from the people shown. Where children are included informed consent from the child and that person's legal guardian must be obtained.

Please refer to the Australian Aid child protection policy for more details.


Copyright protects the rights of the person who has created works such as text, artistic works, music, computer programs, sound recordings and films. Reproducing the material should not be done without their permission.

Some materials are licensed by their creator as Creative Commons (CC), allowing their use to be used for educational purposes. This means teachers and students can freely copy, share and sometimes modify and remix a CC work without having to seek the permission of the creator, as long as material is attributed and the related licence is included.

For details please see:

Creating a website 

There are many easy-to-use platforms for publishing teacher- or student-generated content. Below are some suggestions.  

  • Google Sites Free and simple platform to create websites, integrated into a range of Google functionalities. Can lock content on the site.
  • PBwiki Free non-commercial workspaces for publishing content and building collaborative pages. Can lock content on the site. 
  • Wikispaces Simple and popular wiki platform, free to education users. Higher end functionality at additional cost. Can lock content on the site. 
  • WordonWiki Personal wiki platform using Microsoft Word as editor. Basic plan free. Can lock content on the site. 
  • Zoho Wiki Collaboration software for business users with a free platform for personal wikis. Can lock content on the site. 

The following websites provide tools that promote sharing of files, creation of collections and opportunities for others to comment.

  • Prezi Platform to aggregate a range of media into an online presentation. Basic system free, with presentations publicly viewable. 
  • Biteslide Digital scrapbook. 
  • Dropbox Free online file storage and distribution platform. Ideal for sharing large files within a specified group.  
  • Jog the web Users can create a synchronous guide to a series of websites with annotations and questions. 
  • Picasa Free software to facilitate the storage and sharing of digital images online. 
  • Scoop it Create a collection of websites on a topic and add comments and reflections.  
  • Voicethread This cloud application can be integrated into a learning management system. Upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. 
  • Wallwisher Online 'wall' on which others can lodge sticky notes, with moderation. Doesn't require account. Can lock content on the site.